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    About Me

    Paul Comingore attended Ball State University where he studied architecture. Paul eventually changed his courses and advanced over to developing his interests in the business industry before graduating with his degree.



    Paul’s work ethic comes from his life lesson as he worked his way through college. His parents were always there to help him along the way but more importantly, they knew that hard work pays off and this taught Paul valuable life lessons that he carried along with him in his career path.


    In 1994 Paul decided that it was time to move to a state where the sun is always shining. He grabbed his keys, packed what he could fit in his car, and drove to Tampa Florida. After arriving at his new destination, Paul started working at a local seafood restaurant to get on his feet and once he was settled in he knew Florida was where he would stay and has lived in Tampa ever since.


    Paul Comingore is well known for being a jack of all trades. He previously worked as an assistant manager for a local home center until he was promoted to store manager. Paul worked for the local home center for over 4 years until around 1999 Paul started to notice a trend in the development of big-box stores in his area. Paul knew that it was only a matter of time before he would need to move on to another position. Luck was on Paul’s side as at the same time that he was reassessing his situation, he met his future business partner, Glenn Pearson.


    Paul left his job as a store manager and began the start of his new career by purchasing properties, restoring them, and reselling the homes. Paul continued to renovate homes and resold them for over 2 years until he decided that he would then purchase approximately 100 apartments. After the purchase of these apartments, Paul began the grueling process of remodeling the units and completed roughly 75% of the property to then be sold in 2003. In 2004 Paul began acquiring mobile home parks. His first purchase was an expansive 35 mobile home park and since then Paul has continued the purchasing of large mobile home units and parks and currently is sitting on average up to one thousand units to this very day.

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